Gaïos, fuel for the spirit.

One bottle a day will illuminate you forever.

What happens to a fruit or vegetable when its maturity reaches its peak? The food industry abandons it mechanically to make way for the new ones that look cooler and more radiant. Our cold pressed juices and smoothies save those poor ripe fruits and vegetables from waste. Packed with nutrients, they haven’t said their last word.


Our juices are made from raw and natural fruits and vegetables. The main advantage of cold pressing is that it eliminates traces of fiber in the product at the final stage of preparation. The essential nutrients of a juice with a lower fiber content are absorbed more quickly by our body and allow, at the same time, a break to our digestive system. So why not treat yourself with a little cure?


Do you eat enough raw vegetables in a day? If you answered no, we totally understand you, that’s why we created our products. Our juices, when they are included in a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, fight toxins, neutralize acids and maintain the alkaline level in the blood. Our smoothies and juices are made from whole fruits and vegetables only. Eating in a balanced way has never been so delectable.



This is the moment where we admit our love for chia. Added to some of our recipes recently, these South American-sourced sage seeds are gluten-free, high in fiber and protein, and contain more antioxidants than blueberries. With a rate ranging from 16 to 23% protein, they are higher than wheat (14.7%) and corn (14%). We’re not done yet, they contain a high lipid content and an impressive amount of omega-3. Yes, if we could put some on our toasts in the morning we would do it, no kidding.

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