Why Gaïos?

We are the precursors of a unique process. We produce natural juices from the extraction of fibrous tissues from raw fruits and vegetables using a cold hydraulic press. We work to refine our art day by day to create perfect fuels for the mind.


Our special squad saves fruits and vegetables from waste on a daily basis by taking them off the shelf just before industry rejects them. Once safely at our factory, they are carefully washed with alkaline water, then pressed with the help of our powerful extractor: the divine secret of our success. This machine extracts the juice of fruits and vegetables without using heat, which preserves the integrity of nutrients and vitamins and produces the bases of our live elixirs.


These precious bases are then mixed according to exclusive recipes concocted by our team of brilliant talents, specialized in living food. The mixtures are then bottled in recyclable containers made locally, near our home in St-Hyacinthe. Each bottle contains the equivalent of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, nothing else. At Gaios, juice is a serious business.


The heat neutralizes the superpowers of the food, that’s why we never pasteurize our juices. We are able to produce products with a lifespan of more than 2 months thanks to a cold pascalization treatment. This particular method is much simpler than its name might suggest. In fact, it’s like we’re submerging our juices 60 km deep in the ocean. The pressure created destroys harmful pathogenic bacteria without degrading the nutrients present in our juices, nor altering their taste.


Better Digestion

Our cold-pressed juices are low-fiber drinks so you can give respite to the organs responsible for detoxifying your body and recovering. Their rich intake of enzymes and minerals will at the same time help your body eliminate these excess toxins that are affecting your digestion on daily basis.

Better Sleep

Alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants can affect the quality of your sleep, your productivity at work and your overall level of energy. Why not try replacing these options with our juices for a week? This way, you will be able to experience the difference and realize how much the quality of the food we consume influences our lives dramatically.

Better Skin

Our juices provide a variety of nutrients and vitamins essential to your system. Try them, get your body working at full capacity and see the results for yourself. At first, your skin will have more shine and your hair will look more healthy. No side effects, just pure joy.


It’s no longer a secret that prepared foods are not the best option for us, they are packed with empty calories that make us feel full and self-conscious. The simple solution is to opt for fruits and vegetables because they contain most of the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes essential to our system.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can even help reduce the risks associated with certain types of cancer. Our juices and smoothies, when included in a healthy diet and active lifestyle, fight toxins, neutralize acids and maintain alkaline blood levels.

The main advantage of cold pressing is that it eliminates traces of fiber in the product at the final stage of preparation. The essential nutrients of a juice with a lower fiber content are absorbed more quickly by our body and allow, at the same time, a break to our digestive system. So why not treat yourself with a little cure?

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